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Processing and Analytical Inspection Equipment and Software Services

G-ELECTRONICS provides a wide range of semiconductor processing and analytical inspection equipment services. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of semiconductor equipment.

Automatic Testing, Probing, and Burn-In Equipment Services

Our automatic testing, probing, and burn-in equipment services aim to meet the needs of wafer fabs and semiconductor equipment industries. We provide a comprehensive range of installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Assembly, Integrations, Test, Calibration & Service of Modules

Our team of experts provides assembly, integrations, test, calibration and service of modules for wafer fabs and semiconductor equipment industries. We provide high-quality services that aim to meet the industry's highest standards.

G-ELECTRONICS is the Service Provider in Israel for the following Leading Automation Manufacturers for Semiconductor Industry: 
 A leader in high-reliability design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions
Provides various products from clean transport devices, electrical components for space rockets, testing systems, vibrating equipment, small motors, electromagnetic clutchs/brakes and to printer systems.
Kawasaki robots are the culmination of more than a half-century of our expertise and engineering capabilities.
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